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Conference Topics

1. Governance, Policy and Regulation

a. Supporting innovation

b. Regulatory approvals processes

c. Models of service provision

d. Funding, risk and management

2. Innovation, Technology, Research and Development
a. Sources: Rainwater, Storm water, Groundwater
b. Desalination
c. Treatment innovations
d. Decentralized treatment systems
e. Low technology treatment systems
f. Wastewater reclamation and reuse
g. Sludge management
h. Systems for mining industry
i. Resource oriented sanitation

3. Implementation and Operational Experience
a. Water-Energy Nexus
b. Water-Energy-Food-Community Nexus
c. Operation and Maintenance of small wastewater treatment plants
d. Experiences from developing countries
e. The role of small scale systems in liveability
f. Environmental microbiology & population dynamics
g. Operation and maintenance in remote locations and Aboriginal communities


4. Communities, engagement and liveability Education, Training and Certification
a. Fostering champions
b. Stakeholder management and meeting multiple objectives
c. Community engagement and behaviour change